Fisker EMotion (2019) Tesla Model S killer?

Performance, Handling & More
— EV Range: 400 miles
— Top Speed: (Estimated) 161 mph — All-Wheel Drive — 24″ Low Rolling Resistant Pirelli Tires — Optional lightweight Carbon barrel wheels — 5 Integrated Quanergy LiDARs For Autonomous Driving Capability (Up to L4) — Patented S3 Solid-State LiDAR Sensors: Designed to provide the highest level of performance, reliability, durability and dependability required in safety-critical automotive situations — Unparalleled Awareness: Only LiDAR with sensor hardware and perception software (The vehicle senses and perceives surroundings – detecting and classifying objects for real-time reaction)

Design — Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Lightweight Construction — Front Brand Identity Design: Vehicle crafted around the LiDARs (Rather than an antiquated radiator) — Front LiDAR Integrated Flush Behind Front Wheel — Rear LiDAR Hidden in Lower Rear Rocker Panel — Doors Open/Close Controlled by Smartphone – With Exterior Unmovable Flush Touch Handles (Illuminated handles; discreet inner levers and touch panel closes) — Lower Exterior: Aero features, front spoiler, side rocker panels and rear diffuser in exposed lightweight carbon fiber

Interior — Ultra-Soft Premium Leather — Interior Color: Caramel and Midnight Black (Fisker was the first automotive brand to offer a vegan interior as an option – and will do so again with the EMotion) — Three Driver-Oriented Screens, With Center Curved Screen — Inductive Charging Ports and Special Holders For Four Smartphones (Partially visible) — Carbon Fiber Center Console with Additional Storage Space for Tablets and Accessories — Four Individual, Electric Adjustable First-Class Seats — Optional 27″ Curved Rear Screen For «Chauffeur Edition» — Five Seats, Rear Bench Option — Individual Four Zone Electric Adjustable Tinted Roof: Electrochromic Glass in Collaboration with Lipik

The Fisker EMotion will be produced in the United States at a location to be announced during the second half of 2018.

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