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OFF-ROAD DEMO with the JAGUAR F-TYPE Convertible

One-off rally cars pay homage to the Jaguar XK 120, introduced in 1948.

The 300-HP 2.0-liter rally cars feature bespoke FIA-spec modifications

The rally Jaguar F-Types feature upgrades to the brakes, suspension and drivetrain including the addition of grooved discs with four-piston calipers front and rear. Hand-built competition dampers and softer springs ensure the high performance cars can be driven flat-out over rough rally stages. Three-way adjustable dampers allow the cars to be tuned for different surfaces and feature spherical bearings for added precision. With motorsport-spec wheels and tyres specifically for use on gravel, a limited-slip differential improves power delivery on loose surfaces while a hydraulic handbrake helps drivers tackle hairpin bends.

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