The First Solar Car – Sono Motors Sion (2019) Tesla killer?

The Sion, an innovative electric car, has integrated solar cells, a range of 250 km (155 miles) and costs only 16,000€ (excluding the battery). With the Sono Motors Sion, the first solar car will go into serial production. Offering an electric vehicle for such a competitive price will allow Sono Motors to target the mass market.

The development of the first prototype was accomplished in close cooperation with supporters from all over the world. Within a year, Sono Motors collected over 850,000€ through a crowdfunding campaign.

The Sion is the first-in-series solar car, which recharges its battery through the sun — up to 30 kilometers per day.

Starting in 2019, Sono Motors will offer the battery for a monthly rate (rent or lease) or a one time purchase. From today’s perspective the one time purchase would cost you less than 4000€. The reason why Sono Motors excludes the battery is because they want to offer you the latest available and therefore best price.

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